My Favorite Jailbreak Apps for iOS

Here is a list of apps to go for after you jailbreak your iOS device. These are so useful, it’s worth your while to jailbreak simply because these apps exist.

  • LockInfo: This gives you an ‘overview’ screen filled with info such as a list of messages (SMS, email, Twitter, etc.), upcoming calendar events, weather info and lots of other items via plugins. The RSS plugin is particularly handy.
  • Infiniboard/Infinidock: With these, you are no longer limited to just 16 apps per page or just 4 apps in your dock. You can have vertical scrolling – Android style – and put as many apps in one page as you want. It’s great if you don’t like to use Spotlight to launch apps.
  • Wi-Fi Sync: This incredible app lets you sync movies, videos, photos and apps to your iOS device via iTunes without having to plug in the cable! How fucking cool is that?
  • Frash: Adobe Flash player for iOS. Instead of the default “plugin not found” icon, this gives you a gray box which you can click on to activate the Flash content. It works amazingly well, but once in a while, it can crash the browser. Small price to pay!
  • qTweeter: This one’s been my favorite for years. qTweeter lets you tweet (and also update your Facebook status) from any app on your iOS device. Just swipe your finger down from the top status bar and qTweeter magically appears. Post it and you’re back to your app as if nothing happened!

Apart from Frash, none of the apps are free, but they’re all just a couple bucks and totally fucking worth it. (Edit: except Wi-Fi Sync, which is $10, but hey – better than spending money on a new USB cable, right?)


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