Color Me Badd

I wanna Sex You UpI’m fucking pissed off with Instagram clones that just offer more filters and support more platforms, but Color is different. It’s method is different. It’s reason to exist is different.

However, what I find most interesting about Color is not that it automatically puts the people around you in groups so you don’t have to do it yourself, but exactly how it does this:

“Color is also making use of every phone sensor it can access. The application was demoed to me in the basement of Color’s office — where there was no cell signal or GPS reception. But the app still managed to work normally, automatically placing the people who were sitting around me in the same group. It does this using a variety of tricks: it uses the camera to check for lighting conditions, and even uses the phone’s microphone to ‘listen’ to the ambient surroundings. If two phones are capturing similar audio, then they’re probably close to each other.”

This is how the $41 million is being spent.


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