Don’t FullyFollow.Me

FullyFollow.Me is a new web app which makes it easier to give out your multiple social links in one page, but it goes beyond by actually making it a one-click affair to friend you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and to add you as a contact on LinkedIn. Convenient, but there’s a problem.

There is a reason why the three different social networks exist: Facebook is for people you know and want to reconnect with. Twitter is for making new connections based on interests. LinkedIn is for making work contacts.

I won’t add you as a friend on Facebook after bumping into you on Twitter, unless we’ve really known each other on Twitter for a while. Similarly, if you’re someone I know on Facebook – say, from school or work – I’m not necessarily interested in following you on Twitter. LinkedIn is different from both – I only want to maintain work contacts there.

I don’t want to mix the three and I don’t want you to do it either. It’s like saying “Here, since you know me, you can now pet my dog, go to work with my dad and even date my sister while you’re at it.” No.


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