Best Android Phone Up To Rs. 15,000?

Fuck that.

The iPhone 3GS 8GB is now officially available in India for Rs. 20,000 19,800 with one-year warranty. And it’s probably unlocked.

The fuck you want Android for now?

Update: The official Indian iPhone 3GS model number is MC673HN and it comes with iOS 4.3.3 (8J2) and baseband 05.16.02. This is jailbreakable right out of the box – there is no downgrading or tethering required. Use PwnageTool on Mac or RedSn0w on Windows.


4 thoughts on “Best Android Phone Up To Rs. 15,000?

  1. 3GS is a piece of crap. Not even as good as a 10k Android. iOS4 runs like you can throw it all in the dustbin.


    1. As opposed to a 10,15,20k android with what screen size? which Android version? What buttons? Which apps work on what?


  2. Don’t you feel a 20k nexus S is way better than the 3GS ?


    1. I have the Nexus S. It’s the best Android you can buy in 20k, but it’s shit compared to the iPhone.


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