Link your Twitter contacts to your BlackBerry contacts

BlackBerrys have this nice feature that lets you link your main address book contact cards with the person’s presence in other apps, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. This is nice because simply viewing the person’s contact card will then give you an overview of your conversations with that person across networks. You’ll see emails from them, texts, calls, Facebook or LinkedIn messages. It’s been four years, but not a single Twitter application has let you link contacts like this – not even the official Twitter app. However, an update was released for Twitter for BlackBerry a few days ago (, which FINALLY lets you do this!

To link contacts, simply open Twitter and…

  1. Click on the user’s tweet to go to their profile page (You should see their bio, location etc. at the end of that page – that’s how you know you’re there).The Twitter User Profile Screen
  2. Then click  (the BB/Menu button) and choose ‘Link to BlackBerry Contact’.
  3. From the displayed contacts list, pick the contact card that belongs to the Twitter user you’re linking.
Typically, you’ll only want to link tweeps that are already in your contact list. If not, you’ll have to add a new contact when you’re doing the above and then go on adding more info (phone number, email etc.).
If everything’s in order, viewing that person’s BlackBerry contact card will show you tweets from that user, alongwith calls, texts and whatever else you’ve linked them to.

1 thought on “Link your Twitter contacts to your BlackBerry contacts

  1. I can’t do it, that option doesn’t appear in my menu


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