List of Indian States with Geocodes


I needed geocodes of all Indian states for an app which I was working on. I couldn’t find it on the first page of a Google search result, so I sat down and made my own list.

Here you go:

State Geocode
Andhra Pradesh 17.047762,80.098187
Arunachal Pradesh 28.239099,94.069545
Assam 26.200604,92.937574
Bihar 25.198009,85.521896
Chhattisgarh 21.278657,81.866144
Goa 15.425379,73.983003
Gujarat 22.258652,71.19238
Haryana 32.10119,77.563477
Himachal Pradesh 34.152727,76.827393
Jammu & Kashmir 34.152727,76.827393
Jharkhand 23.610181,85.279935
Karnataka 15.317278,75.713888
Kerala 13.060422,80.249583
Madhya Pradesh 19.746024,75.717773
Maharashtra 19.746024,75.717773
Manipur 25.468074,91.367798
Meghalaya 25.468074,91.367798
Mizoram 23.164543,92.937574
Nagaland 26.158435,94.562443
Orissa 20.951666,85.098524
Punjab 27.019984,74.223633
Rajasthan 27.019984,74.223633
Sikkim 27.532972,88.512218
Tamil Nadu 11.127122,78.656894
Tripura 23.940848,91.988153
Uttar Pradesh 27.570589,80.098187
Uttarakhand 30.066753,79.0193
West Bengal 22.986757,87.854976

Note: I’m making no claims to the accuracy of this information. If you send a rocket to one of these numbers and it lands in the wrong state, don’t send another one to my Foursquare check-in location.


1 thought on “List of Indian States with Geocodes

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