Samsung Omnia W vs. Nokia Lumia 710

The mid-range mobile phone bunch has new additions – the Samsung Omnia W I8350 and the Nokia Lumia 710. Initially, both of them were priced around the Rs. 20,000 mark, but they’ve now dropped to very interesting price points around Rs. 16,000. I keep getting asked which one of these is better. While the two are nearly identical in terms of internal specs…

  • 3.7″ display
  • 1.4GHz CPU
  • 512MB internal RAM
  • 8GB storage
  • 5mp autofocus rear camera with LED flash
  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
… there are a few basic differences that may make you pick one over the other…
  • Omnia W has a secondary, front-facing, VGA video calling camera, whereas the Lumia 710 has none. If you want to make video calls and/or take your own profile shots, get the Omnia W.
  • The Lumia 710 is available in a bunch of trendy colors for the back – cyan, fuschia, yellow etc. The Omnia W is only available in a boring black. If you need something funky, go for the Lumia 710.
  • Omnia W is lighter at 115.3g. The Lumia 710 is 125g.
  • The Omnia W has a Super AMOLED display, whereas the Lumia 710 has a Nokia ClearBlack display, but 99% of you won’t make the difference out.
  • The Omnia W has crappy Samsung apps and the Lumia 710 has crappy Nokia apps, but I’ve heard good things about Nokia Drive.

My reasons to pick up the Omnia W are unique as usual:

  • It was cheaper on (Rs. 16,200 or something vs. the then Rs. 17,500 price for the Lumia).
  • I prefer the shape of the straight Omnia W to the rounded Lumia 710
  • I hate Nokia

Latest prices for the two are as follows:



5 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia W vs. Nokia Lumia 710

  1. How are you satisfied with the phone? I hate Nokia as well and that’s why I’m looking into buying Omnia W too. Any regrets since you bought it? Or things you would have liked to know when you were buying?


    1. The only thing I don’t like about the Omnia W is that the Windows Logo button doesn’t glow like the back and search buttons next to it. Other than, the phone is ace!


      1. I don’t think that the button would be a problem for me, so it seems I can buy it then. Thanks for the informationa and for the blazing fast reply too!


  2. aalaap-absolutely correct dude…how about if it flashes like blackberry’s light


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