The New iPad Review

The New iPad on Twitpic

Dude, it’s the new iPad. It’s better than the iPad 2 because it has an even better screen. Get in the fucking line.


1 thought on “The New iPad Review

  1. I had a great experience with the first iPad, so I went to the new iPad, and I noticed a huge improvement in speed as well as the feel of the tablet. I have the white LTE version, and fast is honestly the best word to describe it. It’s also pretty. The app that I use most is the DISH Remote Access app. I use it a lot when I’m at school waiting for class to start or at while on lunch at DISH where I work. What I like most about the app is because the LTE is so fast, I can stream live TV and recorded shows anywhere I am in HD. The Retina Display goes perfectly with the app for sure.


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