Installing Facebook Apps Privately

Most apps you add on Facebook will announce their presence to everyone or, at the very least, want access to your profile data for some reason. If you don’t want any of this to happen, you’ll just have to live without adding the app, right?


Most mobile apps come with a list of permissions and your only choice is between taking it or leaving it. But that’s not the case with Facebook apps.

On Facebook, you have the choice of letting everyone see activity by an app on your profile or restricting it to a custom list or just your own self. Not only that, the permissions dialog that comes up after this step actually lets you untick the parts that you do not wish the app to have access to, eg. “Access my profile data at any time”.

So the next time you come across an app that you want to try out without parting with your data or giving it your wall space, just select the right options and then add it.


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