I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure today. I wanted to see what the whole 48FPS HFR (High Frame Rate) fuss was all about. Since it’s shot and screened at double the frame rate of regular movies, the video playback is extremely fluid and smooth, especially when the camera is panning across large environments such as mountains and the valley.

The movie, however, is a complete load of rubbish, just like all the earlier Lord of the Rings movies. This is the basic plot:

  • A gold-digging dragon randomly attacks a kingdom.
  • A bunch of people set out to recover it.
  • Random monsters attack a few times.
  • Random MOUNTAINS attack.. each other.
  • Random monsters attack a few times.
  • Creepy underground guy talks to himself.
  • Random monsters attack a few times.
  • Giant birds come out of nowhere and whisk them away.
  • Dragon awakens and goes WTF.

That’s it. The movie ends. WTF?!

All you LOTR fans are a bunch of fucking losers who will watch this same shit two more times in the sequels. सब चूतिये लोग है साले.

Still, HFR is cool. It’ll be good to see this in action movies with high-speed car chases and space shit. Maybe the next round of Star Wars could be done in HFR?


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