10 Reasons to Stay Away from BlackBerry 10

I like my BlackBerry Bold for certain reasons – amazing battery life and  a functional keyboard with lots of shortcuts being some of the few – but the new BlackBerry 10-based handsets simply don’t seem promising. Even more so now that they’ve announced that the flagship Z10 will sell for a whoptacular Rs. 43,490.

I'm rolling with #bb10 .. so far so good. @BlackBerryZA on Twitpic

Here is a list of completely opinionated, biased and whimsical reasons why I think buying this phone is a really bad idea. This was actually supposed to be a 10-1 list, but stupid WordPress is stripping the “<ol reversed>” tag upon saving.

  1. No WhatsApp. Sure, it has BBM, but the past year or two have clearly established WhatsApp as an absolute must-have app on modern smartphones, so it’s a bummer paying so much and seeing no such icon in the store. WhatsApp is obviously coming to BB10 soon, but it’s probably going to take a couple of months. Can you survive that long without it? The same goes for TrueCaller. Try staring at unknown numbers for several months. And you can forget about Instagram.
  2. Steep learning curve. The new OS isn’t something a 3-year old can operate on his own. The gestures, while fancy, are unintuitive. You’ll miss a back, home or menu button.
  3. BB10 is out of reach of the youth, currently heavily invested in the low-end Curve and some Bold models. Upon realizing this, most will prefer to trade their existing phones for much more powerful and capable Android phones. Besides, even if they do get their hands on these new phones, I don’t see the terms Hub, Peek and Flow becoming as common as BBM or “ping” or “bc”, for example.
  4. No Dual-SIM support. If there’s such a big focus in BB10 over the personal vs. work profile switching feature, what do existing users with a personal SIM and a company-provided BlackBerry SIM do? Use their work phone for personal calls and text? Or vice versa?
  5. Most apps are from Android, ported over to the BB10 to fill a quota. They don’t take advantage of any of the native BB10 features, so what’s the point of spending so much on a phone and just using apps designed for another system? Another problem is that Android/iOS apps are designed to be used with certain gestures, which will conflict with BB10’s own gestures at certain points, degrading the user experience.
  6. None of your old apps will work on the Z10, so if there are some odd little apps you found for your old BlackBerry 4/5/6/7 device and depended upon, you’ll have to forget about them now.
  7. The comparable flagship phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S3 is nearly identical in specs and even has a quad-core processor as opposed to the Z10’s dual-core and yet it’s 30% cheaper.
  8. The Galaxy S IV is being shown off next month. It’ll certainly have some crazy features and specs and it won’t cost as much as the Z10.
  9. The iPhone 5 is the same price. Come on, you know you want it.
  10. The front of the BlackBerry Z10 looks like the back of the iPhone 5. In the words of the greatest action hero of the 90’s, “Your face, my ass… What’s the difference?”

All the points above would hold significantly low weight if the price of the new BlackBerry Z10 was half what it is right now – Rs. 21,745.

Feel free to spew wrath in the comments below. I don’t give a shit.


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Stay Away from BlackBerry 10

  1. Most of the comments mentioned by the user is wrong. It seems he or she never ever use or see blackberry Z10. Most of the blackberry handsets does not have dual sim. Then how can you compare bb10 with other old bb phones. He mentioned BB 10 is reach out of youth and recommending iPhone 5 in 9th point. What is the cost iPhone5? Why to cry for old applications where as BB 10 offers many new apps and features. Yourself is comparing to greatest action hero of 90’s in your 10th point and still crying for old application. All these comments are contradictory. Get the one what you want and let others go for their choice. Don’t mis guide anyone by giving false news.


  2. This is a bit too over biased… And the list is essentially obsolete now, becoming more obsolete with 10.2 coming out


    1. Also, the Z10 has always had better resolution/battery life than the iPhone 5


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