Mercedes-Benz Classes Explained

Mercedes-Benz just launched the new A-Class hatchback in India today. It’s the least expensive and smallest car the German automaker has ever launched in the country.

But have you ever wondered what all those letters–A, C, E, S–really stand for? They represent some rather boring words in German, such as Sonderklasse and Einspritzmotor, but here in India, they’ve taken on rather different meanings…

  • C-Class: Cheap class. When you don’t have too much money.
  • E-Class: Economy class. Spend a little extra and get extra value.
  • S-Class: Show-off class. Dikhao, dikhao, sab ko dikao.
  • G-Class: Gandu class. Too much money, too much car.
  • M-Class: Madarchod class. Big car, big ego, big everything. Except…
  • B-Class: Bhikari class. When you have even less money.
  • A-Class: Aulad class. Raeez baap apne bighdi hui aulad ko gift karega.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Mercedes-Benz. But I just love making fun of everything and everyone more.


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