XTw.in is gone

Back in 2009, I used the wonderful Dabr open-source Twitter web client to set up XTw.in.



Dabr itself was a web client running on dabr.co.uk, so why bother cloning it? There were a few of reasons:

  1. Most people would use XTwin because even Dabr (in addition to Twitter itself) was (is?) blocked at work.
  2. Having my own app would allow me to tinker around with it anyhow I wish, but I really didn’t end up doing much because it was so obtusely coded.
  3. I added support for my (no longer online) URL shortener Lincr. Lincr isn’t completely gone – I do plan to bring it back online soon.
  4. XTwin had the best UI theme choices ever: Shitty Brown, Pissy Yellow, Pubic Black, Boobie Peach, Cummy White.

What did the name “XTwin” mean anyway?

Honestly, nothing. I just wanted a short domain (3 letters + a two letter TLD), so I started looking for names starting with “tw”. Pretty much every combination starting from “tw” was taken, so I just added an X before it and stuck with it.

I wanted a short domain because I wanted to integrate a URL shortener with xtw.in, but I got too lazy and never made that. I did integrate my own Lincr URL shortener, however.

Why is it gone?

It was a different time back then. Most of you won’t really be able to grasp the whole concept behind this. None of that matters now, so I’m killing XTwin. Thank you all for using and sharing it!

R.I.P. XTWIN (2009-2014)

I still have the domain, so I might do something else with it later. If you have any ideas, tweet at me.

Note: You may still see XTWin online for some time, but it probably won’t work. Even if it does work, it won’t for too long.


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