6 Reasons Why the Nexus 6 Sucks

Let me get right to it.

It’s too expensive.

Forty-four thousand rupees for an Android phone? Dude, there are iPhones that cost less than that. What the fuck is going on?

It’s too big.

5″ is the maximum reasonably large size screen a phone should have. 5.5″ is a bit of a stretch, but it can still be dealt with. Anything larger and your dick must be seriously tiny.

It’s too heavy.

Every Nexus phone before this one has been around 130g in weight and that’s not even something you’d go around calling ‘lightweight’. The Nexus 6 is fucking 184g. This shit will bring your pants down, if it even fits in the pocket.

It’s too thick.

So big, yet 1cm thick? When Microsoft went from 10″ to 12″ in the Surface Pro 3, they dropped the 13mm thickness down to 9.1mm, because they had the horizontal area to spread out over. What the fuck has Motorola done here?

It’s too evolutionary.

A few more MHz. A few more pixels. A few more megapixels. A few more gigabytes. A few more mAh. There’s nothing radically new about the Nexus 6. This could may well have been the ‘Nexus 5 2014’ or the ‘Nexus 5 2nd gen’.

Even Apple has the sense to just add an ‘s’ at the end of the name when they know it’s not a huge upgrade. Google is incrementing Nexus numbers as if they’re fucking Firefox versions.

You don’t fucking need it.

What the fuck is wrong with your current phone, huh? Didn’t you just buy and dote over it less than a year ago? Factory reset it, root it, put a custom ROM, change the fucking wallpaper. And put 44,000 bucks into a fixed deposit or something.

Fuck the Nexus 6.


3 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why the Nexus 6 Sucks

  1. 7. The forced encryption is making the phone fucking slow!


    1. I guess that can be turned off, but yeah, it does suck for those who don’t know how to.


  2. Yes the the forced encryption does make it run slow. Really bad. And the battery life sucks. After 6 hours and mine is all but dead. That is after normal use. What the hell. Can google have an employee play with the phone under lots of different conditions and then place a beefy battery that will last under every Kind of use. I just gave my Nexus 6 back to sprint. This phone is awful. Worst phone I have ever had. The HTC Evo was better than this hunk of junk.


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