How to play .mov files on the PS3

This is really easy.

  1. Open the file in QuickTime X.
  2. File -> Save as -> select “Apple TV” as the output format. This will create a .m4v file out of the .mov.
  3. Rename the .m4v file to .mp4
  4. Put it on the PS3 (USB, disc, network, whatever) and it’ll play a-okay!


  • I tried this with H.264-encoded .mov files. The PS3 supports H.264, but not the .mov container. So here, we simply change the container.
  • This was done on a Mac using QuickTime X, but you may be able to pull it off using QuickTime Pro on Windows.

    1 thought on “How to play .mov files on the PS3

    1. There is no File > Save As in QuickTime X


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