Nokia C3 is the cheap, yet functional QWERTY phone we’ve been waiting for

I guess I gave away the punchline of this post in the title itself. So I’ll just get right down to the pros and cons…

Nokia C3. Comfy keypad. Fast UI. Good features. Not bad for R... on Twitpic

What I like:

  • Solid feel. Steel back – no cheap plasticky feel. Keys are comfortable, although a bit cluttered with too many letters and symbols.
  • Slim phone. Very light. The display looks sharper and better quality than the BlackBerry Curve 8520.
  • Fast. It’s not an S60 smartphone, so the irritating lag and flickering doesn’t exist here. You get a smooth, snappy S40 interface that totally works for what you want to do.
  • Nokia Email can be configured easily and works pretty well, bar a few minor problems. Ovi Contacts and other integration is pretty solid and not complicated to set up.
  • Excellent price. Around Rs. 6,500 right now, but it’ll easily drop to 5.5-6 soon, making it even better.

What I don’t like:

  • No USB charging! You need to lug around that thin pin charger. Although, this isn’t such a huge problem since anyone and everyone has a Nokia charger.
  • Fixed-focus 2 megapixel camera produces substandard quality photos. There’s no LED flash either, so you’re left stumbling in the dark.
  • There’s Facebook and Twitter integration into Nokia Messaging Social, but you need to ‘connect’ to them every time you check them, which means there are no background updates. A social feed without background updates? Doesn’t work.
  • Resizing (‘optimizing’) and sending photos via email takes a while. Also, Nokia Email doesn’t seem to accept ‘+’ as a valid character in email, so you can’t send pictures to your Ovi Share email address, which contains the symbol.
  • Sending an email out from Ovi Mail adds a stupid signature that says “Ovi Mail: Making email access easy”, which is very 1999. Not cool.
  • No 3G. Not that the speed of EDGE on the browser is bad, but 3G is just around the corner…
  • No GPS, but well, it’s a cheap phone..

But overall, the Nokia C3 is a cheap, yet functional QWERTY phone that’ll be an attractive buy to social networking/email/messaging users on a budget.


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