Steve Jobs is Dead

Steve Jobs is dead.


No, this isn’t a news post from October 2011. Steve Jobs may have passed away back in 2011, but it wasn’t until today, in October 2012, that his death is finally evident. Everything Jobs stood for has been done away with. A bigger iPhone, a smaller iPad – these aren’t the things that Jobs wanted; these are the things that people wanted. Not because they really, truly needed them, but because competition spent billions on making them believe they did. No one needs a 5-inch phone. No one needs a 6″ tablet. Yet, with all the flashy, in-your-face advertising, everyone believes bigger is better or smaller is better, depending on the product.

They are all wrong.

The extra inch of space on the iPhone 5 may provide you with some benefits such as one more line of icons, but you sacrifice convenient, one-handed use by having to adjust the phone to reach the top with your thumb.

The iPad mini is “compatible” in that it runs half a million apps that were designed for the original iPad and the iPad 2, but they were all optimized for the 10″ size, creating the buttons and other on-screen elements according to the average size of the fingers. Shrinking the screen and all the apps down 33% (or 45%) will mean the buttons also shrink 33%, so you’ll have to either crab your fingers to use just the tips or simply shave them off. The whole experience shrinks by 33%.

I’m not saying that one size fits all, but you can’t have a different size for every individual either. It isn’t underwear that needs to come in small, medium or large sizes.

Besides that, the iPad mini won’t let you do away with your iPhone, because you can’t use it as a phone. So if you have to carry two devices, why not have the second one significantly bigger, so you can actually get some work done on it? Apparently the iPad mini can be used as a phone. That’s even more ridiculous. Stylish sidetalking?

And where else do we go from here? Obviously the iPhone 6 will be 4.7″ and have 7G technology and Super Mega Awesome Olfactory Whatever Display and an iPen and much much more, because that’s what the fucking people want, right?

R.I.P. Steve Jobs.


1 thought on “Steve Jobs is Dead

  1. Thought this would be all tech-geek kinda stuff. Was so wrong. Great read 🙂


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